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Our Legal Services will be provided through a group of lawyers and advisers who specialize in legal services above in the sultanate of Oman, and our UK’s law firm partner (Quist Solicitors) located in London www.quistlaw.com, and our French’s lawyer partner Mrs. Leila Aichi (Senate) https://leilaaichi.eelv.fr.

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Our relationship with clients

We believe that it is very important for us to have a good relationship with our clients.

As our outlook is based on interaction, we are always ready to communicate via all mediums available in order to make the clients’ experience with us straightforward and hassle free. In return, we expect their assistance in being proactive in their approach and cooperating with us, while playing an active role in helping us help them. We always observe that the client must be kept well informed and involved in making the decisions that affect him.

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Al Hashmi Law

Tel: +968 2449 3121

Fax: +968 2449 3120

Email: syed.faizy@ohlaw.net

Website: www.ohlaw.net

Hotline 1: +968 9934 9958 (English & Arabic)

Hotline 2: +968 9121 5261 (English, Urdu & Hindi)

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